Saturday, July 10

Coup du jour

Can you believe this title? Coup du Jour is the title of an event going on in Vancouver, WA where you buy tickets to tour urban chicken coups. Now I like excitement as much as the rest of you, but I don't know if I could take this much in one day. CHICKEN COUPS! You pay $10.00 and you get a map. Kind of like the tour of homes around the holidays where you see the lovely decorations.
What are we coming to where we need to tour chicken coups? Can you just imagine our ancestors shaking their heads and thinking we are not "quite right". (that's a term I see in reading pioneer books). Well, I'm not going to buy tickets, I have to work that day. DARN! I won't have any guilt for not learning all I can about urban chickens. By the way . . . are urban chickens different than Country chickens? hummm.


Micki said...

How cool is that! It's a shame you couldn't attend.I enjoyed the post.

Double Winky said...

While looking for more information on the coop tour, I came across your post. I have to say that I was surprised by what you wrote. As a school teacher in the downtown area of Vancouver, I welcome these events and wish that others would support our community and make an effort to learn more about their neighbors. The tour supports the Hough Foundation which does wonderful things for the youngest members of our community. In case you or your readers are unaware of the work that they do, I have pasted this small excerpt from their website.

"The Hough Foundation builds bridges within our community by cultivating self-reliance, mentoring parents and students, advocating for mental health and social services, and providing classroom, after school and early learning enrichment opportunities.

Our vision is for a healthy, thriving community transformed by empowered citizens who are actively engaged in the creation of an environment where children and families learn, grow and strengthen their connections to one another."


And they called it Puppy Love,