Sunday, July 4

Happy Independence Day!

This past year and all that it has brought with it have me thinking about independence and how Freedom is NOT free. I have a son in the military and many friends with sons or daughters in various branches as well. Whether we believe in what's going on politically or not, our children are trying to preserve our freedom and putting their lives on the line to do it.

Yesterday at a celebration breakfast (held early, since the 4th fell on a Sunday), we had a flag ceremony, sang America the beautiful and the Star Spangled Banner and had a man speak who had just returned from Kuwait. He could hardly get through the talk because he kept choking up. It was very emotional. He reminded us that the military here in the U.S. is Voluntary and that most of the soldiers, including him would do it again to preserve this country and all it stands for. He said after being in the Middle East several times and seeing how others live and what lack of freedom exists, that he is even more determined to serve. It was quite emotional and really gave me something to think about.

The breakfast, cooked by the men (fathers and leaders of the Boy Scouts) was nice, well the idea was nice, the food, well..... cold pancakes, cold scrambled eggs, cold sausage and fruit. It is hard to cook outdoors for 100 people and keep things warm. The company was great and it kicked off the holiday weekend nicely.

Our Scout troop has a fund raiser where they sell subscriptions for flags. This means they pay $50.00 and on every holiday, the scouts put a flag up at their curb. My dear hubby is in charge of the behind the scene work. Well, at 11:00 last night, it was determined that we were short two flags. Earlier in the day, DH, also known as HRH, bought 10 flags, the poles and all the stuff to put them together, so we were prepared (scout motto). After much sorting and rearranging, it was all figured out and this morning the flags flew! What a sight they are!

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