Friday, June 25

A Finish!

I Finally finished the baby quilt for our new great nephew. I made it bigger than normal so Mom could use it on the floor and later for a youth bed. The girls had regular sized baby quilts and even when they got bigger, they want to sleep with them so why not start big. This one is 56X 65 or so. The pattern is by Terry Atkinson of Simple Pleasures and is called "Meet Me at the Corner. I used all scraps or stash fabrics. I like the plaids for a boy. The Long Arm quilter used a panto called Boy Toys and it is so cute. It has wagons, trucks, bikes, etc. I now wish I had used a plain back so it would show more.

The news around here is that HRH was pretending to be 18 again and playing basketball with some kids he works with (DH is 64). He "made a great move" and tore his ACL in his left leg. Great move? I don't think so. Now he is "on the couch" with the TV blaring for the next few weeks. I'm used to a pretty quiet house during the day, but when he watches TV, the neighbors can hear it. No, according to him, his hearing is fine. MEN! I feel bad that he is hurt, I just can't do anything to please him when he is sick. He calls me every few minutes to bring him something. Then a minute later, he thinks of something he forgot, yada, yada, yada, all through the day. I'm thinking of all kinds of errands I need to run. I am kind of glad that this Saturday is my day to work. This will be a long recovery, at least from my standpoint.

We finally got some warm weather here in the Pacific Northwest. The rain broke an all time record and the sun (a UFO) is a welcome site.

Make it a Great Day, Carline


maggi said...

Gorgeous quilt. Hope the other half gets better soon, for your own sanity!

Bella Jean Boutique said...

I love your quilt. I'm glad you used such bold colors for the little boy.

Chookyblue...... said...

love pinwheels in a quilt............


And they called it Puppy Love,