Friday, June 18

News and Nonsense

Again, It's been ages since I've posted. I don't know what's up with me. I just can't seem to get disciplined to keep my blog or my quilting up. I really have been doing things though.

I got laid off from my job where I didn't have enough to do. No surprises there and really no sadness about it either. I got another job quickly as the acupuncturist I had been going to had been thinking of expanding his practice and adding another acupuncturist and a naturopath. I only work two weekdays and every other Saturday. It's in a funky old house in the historic district of our town and is small compared to the very large assisted living facilities I am accustomed to working in. I really like the change and it is so much fun to walk around the district during lunch hours and admire all the old houses.

This is what I have been up to this past week, as well as a baby quilt for a new great nephew. Little Nate was born with three sisters waiting for him, so I thought I should send along a little treat for them too. I will post a pic of the quilt later.

I made these notebook/journal covers in no time and embellished them with funky yarns, trims and beads. They were really fun and I think I'll make a few more for little gifts. I made one of these to fit a regular theme book 8.5 X 11" and the others are 7" X 10.


Anonymous said...

Glad you have found another job that you like more. The notebook covers are lovely.

sewkalico said...

Your journals look fabulous. Sorry to hear about your job, but pleased that you found another one so quickly!

Micki said...

Your journals are stunning! I am so glad that you got another job so soon after you lost your previous one.

Frances Arnold said...

Good to hear from you again!!! I love your journals. I had a journal weekend as well and yours look much easier than mine!!!! Keep up the good work....both with quilting and blogging.

maggi said...

Love your journals and I'm glad that you managed to find another job so quickly. I thought I had already commented here but I guess it got lost in cyber space.


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