Tuesday, March 24

Mail for ME!

I came home yesterday and found a package in the mail box that said "Royal Mail". I was intrigued for sure. I couldn't remember ordering anything, I couldn't imagine what it could be. Well... I had signed up for a PIF (Pay it forward) some time back and this was my gift from Karol-Ann from SewKalico.blogspot.com/ It is hard to see, but there is the cutest little purse with a beaded handle. A British quilting magazine (love it) some charms in a lovely shade of coral/peach and a postcard from Paris. I feel like Royality indeed! Thank you Karol. 
Now I have  to get busy on my PIF. I think I only had one sign up so I don't have to get too busy. 
Have a great quilty day!

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