Saturday, March 14

Happy Saturday

I had a rather busy week, at my job and at home on my days off. I am STILL sorting and refolding fabric from my stash closet. I almost with I hadn't started this but I'm in the middle of it now and so I muddle on. I have been folding for several hours a day for a couple of weeks and I'm still only half way finished. This is almost obscene to have this much fabric. I'm seeing so many pieces that I sure don't remember buying. As I fold, I think of projects and then when I can't stand any longer, I go through books to look for patterns for those  projects. I've made hundreds of quilts in my mind this past few weeks! Key words: IN MY MIND!

I know a lot of you have heard things like, Vinegar can cure (or clean) anything, well HRH came home from volunteering the other night and told me about a man who is 95 who looks 70 and was as fit as a fiddle. He told him that 10 years ago, he had to have help getting out of bed or up and down from a chair and he hurt all over. His arthritis was so bad he could hardly dress himself. Well, he read an article on honey and cinnamon cures (do a Google search on honey cinnamon) and he has drank this concoction every morning and night for a year and now he doesn't need any help, volunteers and gets around better than I do since this car accident. I snoped it and it is unproven, but what the hey, it's worth a try. So the last two nights I have mixed a small tsp. cinnamon with two tablespoons of honey in 8 oz of hot water and drank it. It's pretty sweet and a little hard to get down, but worth a try. I will report back with results, one way or the other! We shall see!


Micki said...

I don't have a big stash like you. I seem to just buy for my projects. We live in a wee cottage, so that is not feasible. Good luck with arranging it all! I will have to look up the honey, cinnamon cure for arthritis. Maybe that will help Joe.
All the best and Happy Saturday to you!

Norma said...

I take cinnamon capsules for my type 2 diabetes. I don't take meds and control by food only........and I think the cinnamon does a lot to help. I told my DR and she said she didn't know but what ever I was doing was working so to keep taking it.

Maybe I need to add the honey except that is another form of sugar...........


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