Wednesday, March 25

Bonnie's Lecture

Last Friday evening a friend and I had planned to drive to Olympia to a guild (not our guild) program where Bonnie Hunter was the featured speaker. Well, she bailed out and I really wanted to go, so I asked HRH if he would drive up with me (it's about 125 miles each way). We got a late start because he left his wallet at work (fell out of his coat pocket), but we got there just as she was being introduced. I had to slip in and sit way at the back of a huge chapel. I am so glad I made the decision to go, she is such a delightful speaker and her quilts are beautiful. She had one with 10,000 pieces in it, and I was going on about my DD which has nearly 3,000 pieces. The one I liked the best was a log cabin where the strips were 3/4" or so to start with. The blocks were about 2.5" finished. It was a LARGE quilt and I just fell in love with it. Maybe someday, I'll make one. If any of you get a chance to see her, take it. I was sorry I couldn't go to one of the classes, but since my car accident, I just can't sit and sew for more than a few minutes at a time.  Because I was sitting so far back, all of my pictures turned out too dark to see anything. Oh well, I have them backed up in my memory. (mine, not the computer!)
Have a great day.


Judy said...

Oh Carline, I would have went with you! I was all pouty because that is just too far out of my comfort zone to drive. :-(
I'm glad you went anyhow. Lucky bummer...

maggi said...

Sounds like it was well worth the journey. I can't imagine doing anything with 10,000 pieces - or even counting that many!

Micki said...

Glad that you decided to go anyways. It sounded like such fun! I would have gone with you, if I could have, but sadly, i am in Ireland.


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