Monday, June 27

Patriotic weekend

Can hear the music I'm sure if you try real hard you can.

Saturday night we went to a concert by the Mormon Ensign symphony/choir. It was a satellite choir like the tabernacle choir, but not so famous and was held at the high school near us. There were 120 voices and a 60 piece orchestra. Anyway, the theme was patriotism and they sang songs that just made one weep, especially when the military posted the colors. Then about half way through the concert, they had each branch of the military march down two isles carrying the American flag and the flag representing their branch while the choir sang their anthem. Their was one female and one male of each branch and a big screen showed the emblem.

Some of the songs were old folk songs like, Cindy Cindy and Shenandoah and really brought back memories of learning those songs in primary school. Then they sang you're a Grand Old Flag and the Battle Hymn of the Republic. This song was sung at Robert Kennedy's memorial service. Not that I am showing my age or anything like that. It was one of the nicest concerts we've been to in a long time.

It got us pumped for the 4th of July and renewed our sense of patriotism and made us appreciate all the more what a great country we live in, despite all the woes we are going through now.

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