Friday, June 24

blocks for GD quilt

I made a pact with myself that I would give up pleasure reading and quilting for the summer and concentrate on the yard work (which I do not enjoy at all). Well, I have been doing pretty well. I haven't had my nose in a novel since the last Jennifer Chiaverini book, The Union Quilter. It was not her best book by a long shot and I had to plow though to get finished, unlike others where I couldn't put it down. Anyway, long story made short, I started a new quilt last week.(so much for deals made with myself). My 13 year old granddaughter still sleeps with her quilt I made when she was born and it is pretty raggedy.
I am making her a lap quilt in a size more appropriate to her age. She wanted blue and I had purchased a kit from Connecting Threads, so I think this will be the one. I've made 10 blocks so far and I am not pleased with the amount of brown in it, so I'm not too sure what I will do. I'll go ahead and finish it and see how I feel at that point. It may grow on me, I don't know. The directions have you make those large corner triangles out of 1/2 sq triangles and squares. Why on earth didn't they just make a large triangle. I have it already cut out so can't change, but what a waste of time.
I also ordered some red fat quarters for another quilt I am planning and was not pleased with the quality of the fabric and decided since they were red, I would prewash them. Some came out so bleached out that they look peach colored. I don't think I will be able to use any of the collection. I should have sent them back, but had put them aside for too long before I discovered the problem. I used to get things all the time from them and was pleased, I hope this is an isolated problem, not a trend. How about you, have you ordered from them and what was the outcome?

Till later, Carline

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Maggi said...

I think the blocks look great with the blue and brown. Should make a lovely quilt. Sorry to hear about the fabric fading. In spite of it being a long time ago that you bought it, it shouldn't run out like that. I would take/send it back.


And they called it Puppy Love,