Friday, October 1

I spy top finished

I finished the top of the I Spy quilt last night. It was hard to decide what to use because the quilt itself is so very busy. I decided to frame it with a 1/2 " border, then just use the same red as the star points. It was a real fun quilt to make. I had planned on going to Fabric Depot in Portland today because they are having a 35% off sale of quilting fabrics, but I went online instead and found a red children's print and ordered it. That freed up a day for me.
I have to work tomorrow as it's my Saturday to work. I don't know why I hate it so when I only have to work every other one, but I always dread it. I need an attitude change, I think.


Quiltbenaco said...

Bei colori vivaci!

maggi said...

Lovely quilt. The frame and the border work really well.

Micki said...

I love the quilt! Where did you get all the focus fabrics or did you have them all in your stash?

elsie123 said...

Very nice quilt. I ought to make one myself to keep here for the grandkids. I might get one finished, where 4 individual quilts would really be pushing it!

Julie Fukuda said...

Someone gave me a pattern for this I-spy and having a lot of child-friendly prints, I decided to make one similar. I think I changed the size of the prints.
I gave it to my daughter with the instructions to USE it and indeed it has had lots of adventures.


And they called it Puppy Love,