Sunday, October 24

A finish!

I love Fall and the colors and crisp days. I decided this year to finish a quilt from a block swap I did over 6 years ago. It was quick and although some of the blocks weren't perfect and a few of the points were cut off in seam allowances, I figured that the love that went into a friend's swap made up for it.
I have about 12 blocks left and am not sure what they will become yet. A table runner, a lap quilt, a twin sized quilt if I use sashings. Who knows? This past year I have really been trying to finish a few of those UFO's that have been languishing in pretty boxes. I get those photo type boxes, only larger, and put all of my UFO's in them and label them so I know what is inside. At least I know where they are and can pick one and work on it when I have time. It's made a difference in them getting lost and never finished or perhaps getting some Sew time after all.


Frances Arnold said...

Please send the "crisp days" this is still in 80's here!!!

Micki said...

It's a lovely fall quilt...Good luck on trying to finish your UFO's.


And they called it Puppy Love,