Friday, October 15

Not too exciting

It's been pretty dull around here this last few weeks, but sometimes, dull is ok. I am enjoying the fall colors, (it's my favorite season) The days are in the high 60's, low 70's and the nights are cool.

I have been doing mundane things like grocery shopping, cleaning, laundry and working. While I was in Costco yesterday, I became really annoyed to people standing in the middle of the isles talking on cell phones, or walking, trying to push a basket, talk on a phone and choose an item. It didn't happen once, but many times. COME ON PEOPLE! I have answered the phone in the store too and from now on, I will wait if there are a lot of people around. People usually talk so loud, you'd think they were on a can and string and some of the conversations (most) I don't want to hear. Ok, I've had my rant.

I think the reason I'm a bit crabby is that I've started Weight Watchers and food is no longer used to soothe the moods! Do any of you find that you do that. I weighed in for my third time and have lost 4 lbs. I know it's not much, but I got 4 packages of margarine out and hefted them and it's significant. I think I've lost in my fingers and wrists and face though. I have the biggest (other parts) and I lose in my fingers. GEECH! I guess I will eventually lose in the important parts, but for now fingers will have to do. I work them to the bone, it might as well look like it.

Make it a great day.

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Micki said...

I lost two and a half stone, and I am on maintenance, so I do know how hard it is. It took me months. I am glad that I did it, as both of my knees are not so good.
Good luck with yours!


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