Tuesday, April 14


I took Maggie to get clipped yesterday and  since she's "friends" with the groomers' dog, Nigel, it was suggested that I bring her for the day and let them play while I ran errands. Well, I did and when I picked her up in the afternoon, she was just pooped! It tells me that she's not getting enough exercise since I had to go back to work. (well, neither am I) Maggie even went to bed early. She usually stays up until the last one of us goes to bed, but I looked in the bedroom and she was in her bed before 8:00 PM! So tonight after work, I came in, changed my shoes and took her to the park. I am vowing to do that every night I get home early enough. It's amazing how you just skip one night then it becomes a week, then a month, then you're fat! Hummm! Is that how it happened? Yup, just like that.


Deb in AZ said...

Oh, your Maggie is a beauty. I have an older model of Maggie, her name is Zoey- she is 13 and a bit grey around the muzzle now. So glad I stumbled over your blog since I am a quilter and love poodles too (we have four Sp's and a mini).

princess said...

So funny!! And true!



And they called it Puppy Love,