Saturday, April 11

Easter as most of the world knows it!

Tacky as always, I know. I just get real bummed out about holidays that mean a lot in the Christian world, like Christmas and Easter, being corrupted to the point that the average person has no idea what it's really all about. This starts working on me as all of the decorations and candy start appearing in the isles of the stores. Now, I like the chocolate as much as the next gal, especially the coconut eggs, but we need to keep perspective here!
Jesus Christ died on a Cross to save us, he was resurrected and appeared to his disciples. This was and is life changing! He bridges the difference between what we can do and can't do. He paid the difference and continues to do so. For this we need to acknowledge him and his sacrifice for us. We need to live lives worthy of this gift.
OK, I'm off my soapbox for a while. I just had to stand up there and say what I needed to say. Let's try to have fun on the holidays like this, but remember what they are really about, teach our children and grandchildren the real meaning before it is completely lost in this scary 'ol world.
Have a wonderful Easter! Carline


Karen said...

Amen! What do rabbits have to do with Easter, anyway?

Micki said...

I have to admit that it is a wonderful time for family get togethers.

KZK said...

I hear ya.
Have a blessed Easter.

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

Totally agree. I like to separate the candy day from the Easter day.

maggi said...

Your comments are so true about both Christmas and Easter.

Jenny said...

YES! Amen!


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