Friday, April 24

I've been lost under this!

I have been busy trying to finish up some UFO's I found in the closet while cleaning it up. I found this sampler from who knows when and it was even partially quilted. I had been using rayon thread and was having trouble with it, so I folded it up and forgot it for a couple of years. I was using a different color of thread in each of the blocks and borders and whatever gave me those ideas, both thread and color, I'll never know. I ripped out most of the not too cool, machine quilting and started again. I was able to save a great deal of it but some was very poor quality and when I went to different thread, it improved greatly. I think I will take this to my sister-in-law or her daughter when we go to Montana next month. It feels so good to get some of these things finished. I will hand sew the binding this weekend and post a picture of the entire thing.

We are also trying to get our vegetable garden in. HRH has been tilling and planting what we can, peas and potatoes for now. My dad always said not to plant tender plants until after Mother's day and every year HRH listens to me, goes ahead and plants and then we lose the plants. This year, he thinks we will wait a while to plant. He won't admit, I may be right but I listened to my dad because he was a horticulturist, had a garden to die for that fed most of the neighborhood and I think he could plant Popsicle sticks and grow popsicles! We shall see how it goes. I'm not much of a gardener because I hate seeing worms, they freak me out. I don't know why but I've always been that way. I plant in pots where there's no fear of seeing one.

What have you all been up to?? Show off those projects. Carline


maggi said...

The quilt looks lovely and it is so good that you finally got it finished.

I don't mind worms but I hate slugs and seem to live in Slugsville here - yuk!

Micki said...

Glad that you got the quilt finished, and I am reminded that I have lots to do in my garden. Enjoy your Sunday!

Judy said...

Carline, you are funny! Worms ~~~~
My oldest granddaughter and I used to sing as we were "Diggin' in the dirt, lookin' for worms!"
I couldn't convince DH to wait for 2 more weeks before planting...he planted yesterday!


And they called it Puppy Love,