Thursday, June 11

A quickie baby quilt

I have a friend who was expecting a new grandchild, so I made them a quilt and wanted it to be #1 quick and #2 use fabric from my stash. This was the result. I knew it was a boy and that is the only thing I knew about the baby or it's parents. In a way, that freed me to do anything I liked because there were no expectations, they didn't even know I was making it and I knew that the kids had very little for the baby. When I make this pattern I always make one boat different. It signifies to me how different each of us is. It's also fun when the baby gets older to have him pick it out of the rest. Can you find it? Not too difficult on this one huh? I need a quilt holder, it can be wind free until I go out to take a picture and then watch out, it blows my quilts all over the place, 


sewkalico said...

It's great! Well done. Love that one boat is different!

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

I've always wanted to make a sailboat quilt. This is darling. I know many vintage quilts had one block with different fabric, or made slightly different.


And they called it Puppy Love,