Thursday, May 28

Back from Vacation

We spent some time in Montana recently and saw two graduations. Our great niece "graduated" from kindergarten and our oldest grandson graduated from high school. I couldn't believe our niece when she did a little program, she recited ALL the books of the bible, the preamble to the constitution, sang America, played two songs on the fiddle, recited the 23 Psalm,  plus a few other things I can't remember off the top of my head. I couldn't do most of those things and never have been able to. Good old home schooling by a mom who spends the time necessary. What a difference it makes. Our grandson graduated on Sunday and the following Tuesday, left for a 3 and 1/2 month trip to Australia with his great uncle to mine for gold. He is a real outdoorsman, (see the  quilt with all the antlers, bears, deer, ducks, etc.) so he is going to really love being in the outdoors and camping a lot. He did this a couple of years ago in the summer and just loved it. He's a real good kid, so postponing college for one semester won't be a big thing. He will get a lot of education that he wouldn't get in the classroom.

We traveled with our dog and she was a trooper, she had surgery on her leg right before and had to wear the "Elizabethan collar" to keep her from tearing out the stitches, which she did once before we left. She was so good. She just sleeps all of the time we drive (like I did as a kid). HRH is a madman when he drives. He just doesn't want to stop for anything. We made the trip in 14 hours with stops for gas and to let the dog go potty. I think if it weren't for the dog, he would have handed me a cup and said "go to it!" I tried to push fluids on him, knowing if he had to "go" we'd stop. Some day I'm going to throttle him, I swear. We drove home at night and so the stops were even less. That and the fact that he likes to see how far he can go on a tank of gas. I think the last fill up we had only 1/2 gal of gas left. That's pushing it if you ask me.

A fun time was had and I'm back to work today. I could use a week to recover, but that isn't happening so here we go.


Darlene said...

Welcome home!

Micki said...

Welcome home! Your trip sounded eventful! Montana must have been gorgeous!


And they called it Puppy Love,