Sunday, May 3

Am I getting old or what?

Last night about 11:00 I was woken by voices and then a crash just outside our bedroom window. HRH got up and went out with a flashlight and probably a weapon (he used to be a policeman) you go ahead and guess what weapon! What he found out there was a teenage girl who had been trying to climb over our fence into the backyard and broke the fence. She said a bunch of kids were just trying to get to the park (1 block away) as a game and were trying to do it without stepping on any concrete. He told her that she was lucky because he may have shot first and asked questions later. If I had been out there, I would have drug her sorry little butt in the house and called her parents and or the police. Tell me, what is in kids heads to make them trespass, break things, have no better things to do than this? I think I'm getting old. I can't get this out of my mind and am sure glad my kids are grown. The other thing I heard at the gas station a few weeks ago was a car full of young "ladies" using the most foul language and comments to the driver, (a boy) suggesting all kinds of "activities" they would like to do to him. You could hear them for a block away and they thought it was so funny, laughing and pointing at the adults that were shocked by this. I think morals are going the way of the Edsel. Heaven help us!  


Amy said...

I know what ya mean about PARENTS lack of teaching what is right and wrong. it is OUR duty to teach the children. good thing he did not shot and ask questions later.

Micki said...

Kids have changed haven't they? It is shocking to see some their behavior, but there are teenagers who live near us who are the nicest that you could imagine.

Christina said...

I think I was like those girls back in the day but started getting affended by it really young (about 20). If they don't get killed first they will grow out of it. I am so glad my kids are all past that age, but I know they had to be wild and stupid at some point. My dad told me we are raising good adults not good children so we need to look at the big picture. I guess what I mean to say, is this is only a fleeting moment in there lives and if they make it through it hopefully they will remember it when they have kids. And I'm sure there parents never see this side of them or they would probly be locked to the radeator.


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