Wednesday, June 17

Cat for sale Cheap!

We've had quite a month with our cat, Heidi. She has been very prolific in her hunting endeavors to say the least. I came home one day to hear a squeak coming from behind the entertainment center. After further inspection, and the animal running out and being stopped by the dog and the cat, I discovered it was a great big mole. Now you have to understand that HRH has bought every contraption known to man to try to get the moles that are all over our yard, to no avail. He has spent almost as much money as I have on fabric (note, I said almost). Well now Miss kitty just saunters out to the back yard and plucks herself a mole! That wasn't enough, the next time it was a snake in the middle of my kitchen. I wasn't about to pick it up even though we don't have poisonous snakes around here. I put a big plastic bucket over it and put a heavy rock on the bucket until HRH could come home and deal with HIS cat's escapades. YUK and EEEWE! This was enough, but the final tally for the last month has been 2 moles, 3 voles, 1 baby mouse, 2 rabbits, 2 birds (feathers all over the house) and 2 snakes. Oh, lest I forget, yesterday she had a beautiful dragon fly. I caught it in time and got it outside. You know, catch and release! Why can't I teach her that method. The joys of pets and pet doors! I'm just thankful we live where the pests are creepy but harmless. I just hope we've found all of them and I won't wake up some night to discover one in the dark! (with bare feet)
  Have a great day


Yvette said...

I would be so freaked out. LOL I had to look up what a Vole was. I think you need to get a litter box and ban this kitty from the outside. Can you image one of those critters within your fabric? LOL

maggi said...

Perhaps you should rent her out as a mole catcher. I am used to getting presents but fortunately we don't have snakes over here otherwise I think I would have to move out The joys that our animal companions give us!

Micki said...

When I did have a cat, I always kept mine indoors. I agree that it might help!

paula, the quilter said...

What a good hunter she is! I hope you are praising her and not squashing her hunting prowess.

Judy said...

Carline, this is funny. Hubby says you have a great cat, I say eeewwwee! I can't handle the icky critters. I read that free range chickens keep the mole population down. :)

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

Funny. But only from this side reading it. Eeep. We've had similar here too.

limpingalong said...

I didn't have too much sympathy until you mentioned barefoot walking in the dark with chance encounters. Ok, you got me!! I hate stepping on something in the dark, and if it moved! Oh, my, I think I would die!! I'd tell myself that it wasn't a big deal all the time I was freaking out!
Sweetie would have to come and rescue me.


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