Friday, April 15

A couple of friends and I went to the farm store and got baby chicks. They are so cute and one day will supply us with lovely eggs. Now they are under a heat lamp in the garage. I got a variety of 6 and the Rhode Island red on will be called Luci, after Lucille Ball, the yellow one, I think will be Greta Garbo, the black ones, well, I'm stumped. They are (1)Barred Rock, (2)Silver laced Wyandott, both are black and white speckled. The other one is just plain black. Anyone out there care to help me name them?
We had chickens that came with the house when we bought it 6 years ago and I just loved collecting the eggs every morning. It was like Easter as a kid, all over again! When we got Maggie, we had three left and thought the dog would probably eat them, so gave them to a neighbor. Well, Maggie is a gentle soul and minds so well that all we have to say is NO to her and she will leave them alone, so we are in the egg business again so to speak. I bake a lot and the eggs are so much nicer than store bought ones.

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