Thursday, September 2

Off to college

We have been helping our grandson, Talon get ready for college and his first apartment. He is going to play baseball for a small college, north of here and they don't have campus housing. He was frantically looking for a place to room or room mates so he could afford to make it, and his coach put three players together and found an apartment for them. NONE of them had anything to get started living independently so I put out the word and got to work. I gave him my day bed from the guest room, ( no guests for a while) then decided I really wanted a new couch, so we gave him that, my neighbor had a kitchen table and lots of towels, kitchen things, etc. Between all of the garage sales and shopping and raiding my pantry storage, we got him settled. I didn't realize how extensive my food storage was until I started filling boxes for him. I don't think he will starve at least. When I left him, I slipped him some cash, quite a little in fact and we were on our way home, a two hour drive with a bouncy, noisy empty utility trailer. As we were driving, HRH said, I slipped him a little cash. I said, so did I. We both gave him the same amount, not knowing the other was doing the same. Yep, he'll do ok. He is a good money manager. It sure felt good to be able to have him here for a week and get to help him move. He is from Montana and we usually don't get to see him more than once a year. Now that he is closer, we will see more of him. No pictures! I got busy and the only ones I took were of the guys packing the utility trailer and pickup and they look like the Clampet's movin' out west. We didn't have a rocking chair on top like granny, only a bike!

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Micki said...

What a wonderful send off you gave him! I am so glad that you had such a lovely visit!


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