Wednesday, September 16

Where in the world have I been!

Ok, I give, I haven't been anywhere! It started with losing my voice, then I got sicker than I have been in years. I had this yucky flu like stuff for 11 days and then when I felt better, no energy. But I am feeling a lot better now and I'm ready to roll. I got a quilt top and back done and ready to quilt. I took it to someone Monday and will show a picture when it's done. I also canned (with the help of HRH) 56 jars of apple juice. We haven't even picked the majority of the apples yet. Those were the ones on the ground. The old apple press has been humming.  We like to put a lot of it up because it's so yummy for one and we also like to give a lot away through the year. 
We also made a huge oops with our corn. Remember, we aren't avid gardeners but rather novices. We waited too long to pick the corn and it was tough as a boot. Darn, we hated that. How DO you know when to pick it? Beats me! Anyone reading this know the answer, I'd appreciate hearing from you.
The other big thing in our lives is that son #3, the youngest is back home living with us for a while and it has taken some adjustment. He was disabled in a logging accident about 5 years ago and the employer wasn't paying his workers comp premiums so, no insurance! He had his back covered real well with things in other's names, etc. Long story short, son is in very bad shape and his wife decided she liked someone else, so he's with us until he can sort his life out. He and I are like oil and water a lot of the time. He's a slob, and I hate messes, etc. We are glad we can help him, but it isn't easy to say the least. I just need to get my attitude in order and get on with it! pictures of this stuff for sure, besides, the computer is rejecting my loading pictures.
What a cheery post, huh? Doesn't life come up and slap you in the face sometimes!


Micki said...

Glad that you are feeling better. Good luck with your son. That will be a hard adjustment for you. You both will have a lot to get used to.

Judy said...

You need a hug, so here you go. {{{{{Carline}}}}}

I'm glad you are feeling better, I was wondering where you've been. Canning has been going on around here too. Hope things with your son go smooth. Here's another hug. {{{{{Carling}}}}}


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