Thursday, September 3

No Voice

Not only no voice, but no computer. Now that should NEVER happen, it's like stripping a girl of every outlet of expression!
Last week I made a trip to Eugene to visit my favorite niece (the only one I keep in contact with because I don't know where the other two are). We had a great time and she made wonderful food and snacks and we laughed a lot but when I woke up the next morning for another round of fun, I found that when I opened my mouth, nothing, and I mean nothing, came out. I had absolutely NO voice at all. I whispered all I could and it about wore me out. I had to go home around noon and I have been mute ever since! I'm about fed up with this, believe me. It has been a week now and a little improvement, but not much. Do you realize that you cannot go to a drive through bank, restuarant, cleaners or anything else. You cannot talk on the phone, yell at the dog or the noisy birds that annoy me early in the morning. NOPE, none of that, plus HRH seems to be enjoying it. Maggie just sits and tilts her head like what kind of game is this anyway, I don't get it.
Anyway, to top it off, my computer is down, thanks to HRH and his many "updates". Everytime he does updates, something doesn't work. I could just scream, Well, no I can't because I DON"T HAVE A VOICE!


Judy said...

Ohhh, Carline, that is horrible! Why do men think it's so great when we can't talk??? DD is always complaining when her DH "updates" her computer! He is no longer allowed to touch it! Hope you are yakkin' it up soon. Hugs

Nanette Merrill and daughters said...

Oh no. I've had this happen. It is horrible when your kids do something and you can't yell at them! That is when I really miss my voice. It hasn't happened for a while, nock wood. Get better.

Micki said...

I have had laryngitis, and I hated it, but having that topped off with ccmputer problems, what a week! I hope that you are better soon!


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