Friday, March 11

Beautiful day at the coast.

Imagine the lovely pictures of our trip to the coast last weekend. The computer keeps saying that I don't have enough power and to plug it into the usb port. DUH! That is where it is plugged into.We went with our friends and stayed at a great place. We were just a short walk to the beach and could see and hear the surf from our rooms. The four of us had two meals in our rooms, I cooked breakfast one day, Peggy cooked the dinner the following day and the rest of the time we ate out. We went to the Maritime museum and visited an old lighthouse ship and the guys visited a coastguard ship. I wasn't too interested in that. Later in the evening we played a card game called Malice and Spite. It was fun and I think I need to pick up one for us. We topped in off with visits to two quilt shops. I picked up a few 1/3 yard pieces for projects I am collecting fabric for. All in all, a great weekend for everyone. My son watched Maggie and Heidi and they were glad to see us home and were no worse for the wear.

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